The importance of education in human life

It tells a process of learning and living can not be known in the future in preparation for living in a nice way. The word education is derived from the Latin meaning “to draw out”.
This definition is correct is correct, the definition of the object, but it is certainly not with the knowledge of the development of memory to load the true purpose of education, so as to “draw out” or the mind of teachers.
We all know that giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man a fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Therefore, every child should start with a general education. He is right to observe, feel the truth, must learn to speak properly, and write clearly. He should know something about the wonderful world of a child’s life, and some of what men did in the past.
It is said that it is truly “a man and an animal, and not an educated man to distinguish between the animals. Should be the most important with all the moral education. Religion is probably best taught at home, but the great moral common to all religions a prominent place in the school education principles, must be given the right to take the necessary important part of life.
Now, finally, I have to say that what has been learned has been forgotten, like knowing that all that is left. Sometimes when people are “out” for their education when they leave school or college. But we should never teach learning should be abolished in all real life only through books, but it is a life experience as self. But the children are now in a process of learning how to learn the destruction of half of the remaining half of the waste of our lives in our lives. This is wrong.
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We are also “no education, have no future to grow the true thoughts and to change in the face of education. We literate, we can can access easily to anything. People continue learning. Learning about the world much has been said. Education is not really meant to be a book worm. but it is to understand. Education is not only the study of the moral as well as physical. we can not fit to do a little work. Therefore, physical education is very important. we must also, as the first impression is the last impression of values. we moral value, so anyone with ease. his personality has changed the whole world will understand the moral teaching very important- education. Therefore, we have the welfare of others those great men I wanted to remember how the world has changed and we had to hire can be educated. so, everything educated.
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