SkyRadar – training solutions for air traffic control

SkyRadar is a consortium founded in 2008 with offices in Germany, France and Bulgaria that serves students and operators of radar technology. The company develops, manufactures and sells radar training hardware and simulators, along with safe primary and secondary surveillance radars for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, its website is a portal for learning a wealth of information on radar knowledge. Training and education are important components, which are used by a diverse community of university and aviation students and professionals from military and corporate backgrounds.

Since many aeronautic academies worldwide have to cope with increasingly complex technology despite budgetary constraints, SkyRadar provides an economic and modular solution for students in military academies and technical universities. Physicist Moskwa and cloud research scientist Scholten collaborated to produce low cost radar solutions for classrooms of any size.

Organization History

The European consortium was launched in 2008 by physicist Eric Moskwa and scientist Ulrich Scholten as a supplier of training radars to aviation academies and universities. The knowledge portal provides access to free e-learning and academic publications. SkyRadar’s first completely functioning radars were built in October 2008. The Plan Position Indicator (PPI) was added the following year to the existing A-Scope and B-Scope functions.

The driving force of the portal is to make complex and expensive radar technology understandable and accessible to everyone who wants to learn it. Since its inception, SkyRadar has made radar systems suitable for training and educational purposes.

From 2013 and afterward, low radiation radars have been produced to send Q/I signals as messages to browser-enabled scopes. This technology allows students to operate scopes on their own, along with filters and amplifiers. Starting in 2014, servers based on a message-queue have been able to connect high numbers of concurrent users. In 2017 the founders established patents for its primary surveillance radar through the European and the US Patent Office.


Primary Surveillance Radar family:

  • Pulse, Doppler, FMCW, FSK, CW radars
  • Synthetic Aperture and iSAR
  • A-Scopes, B-Scopes , Plan-Position-Indicators
  • Filters such as STC Threshold (STC), constant false alarm rate (CFAR), moving targed indication (MTI).

Secondary Surveillance Radar family:

  • ADS-B
  • Multilateration radars
  • SSR simulators
  • IATA-oriented laboratories for aviation and airport security

Knowledge Portal

The SkyRadar knowledge portal is the biggest portal, dedicated to radar publications, world-wide. It focuses on academic publications and case studies that are available free of charge. Users may access free content covering subjects such as data mining, drone detection, fast Fourrier, air traffic management and more.

eLearning Courses

In cooperation with the IOSB, Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the consortium offers two free eLearning courses, which range from Radar Basics to Synthetic Aperture Radars. The courses are animated, provide instant feedback to the many exercises and provide a strong aid in image interpretation. Both courses can be launched by clicking an online module that does not require installation.

Low Cost but High Quality Radar Hardware

The PSR base unit of the SkyRadar Modular Training System can be used indoor or outdoor for the operating modes Constant Wave (CW), Doppler and Pulse. The FMCW base unit operates in FMCW, Doppler and FSK mode. Both radars operate at 24 Ghz and operate with totally safe beaming powers below 5 mW. Their powerful and fast radar image processor allows for all measurements to be performed in close-to real time. The radars facilitate several radar applications, such as:

  • clutter processing
  • radar cross section (RCS) analysis
  • sensitive time control
  • moving target detection
  • analysis of false alarm tolerances
  • adjustable decision threshold

Both radars operate in ranges between 0 and 100 meters.

SkyRadar is globally represented and is also able to provide special on-demand solutions.


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