How to Gain the Experience by Studying History in Rotterdam

College in Netherlands has a global reputation for its top high quality. This high quality is assured through a nationwide program of control and high-quality guarantee. Netherlander law (the Greater Knowledge and Research Act) states that degree programs offered by higher education institutions must be analyzed against a specific set of requirements, evaluating the content and the level of the course. Bachelor and master are programs that fulfill the requirements are approved.

Being a small country, Netherlands is open around the globe and to surrounding nations. Participating with other countries is key to being successful for the Netherlander. The strong connection between Netherlander higher education institutions and the corporate globe makes possibilities for practical projects and internships to prepare learners for a career in a global environment.

On this grasp system, you have a look at historic strategies in a relative and interdisciplinary way. Applying ideas from the public sciences, legal concept, and public analysis, you may discover ways to explain each the wide describes and the specific components of traditional occasions from the beginning modern-day length to the prevailing.

Applying ideas from the public sciences, governmental concept, and free analysis, you will study to explain both the wide describes and the unique aspects of traditional events from the beginning contemporary period to tie. Studying subjects for example migration, trade international relations, and public culture, can offer a better knowing of the existing as well.

Studying subjects such as global members of the family, migration, alternate and public culture, can offer a better knowing of the current as nicely. As traditional past, complete Studying History in Rotterdam, you will be capable of generating brief or long-term thoughts on international tactics. You will also be a skilled creator, speaker, and debater. All of these abilities are a good deal sought-after in tasks at NGOs, government firms, business groups, museums or history institutions. An academic profession is also viable after this master’s system.

As traditional past, complete Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will be able to produce short or long lasting thoughts on general (historical) procedures. You will also be an experienced writer, speaker, and debater after Studying History in Rotterdam. All of these skills are much sought-after in tasks at government institutions, NGOs, business institutions, museums or culture institutions. An academic profession is also possible after this Master’s system.

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Why analysis a Master in Reputation of Community in Rotterdam?

Studying Reputation of Community in Rotterdam means:

  • participating in an expert system which has repeatedly been voted best Netherlander expert put in the market of history;
  • studying how to do traditional analysis on contemporary issues;
  • benefiting from a dedicated team of lecturers and small-scale classes;
  • The possibility to do an internship, for example at an archive, museum or analysis institution.

Career opportunities

Our graduates work in (international) government institutions, NGOs, museums, journalism, consulting agencies, and culture organizations. Some of them have also moved on to Ph.D. positions in the market of history, or to academic expert programmers for a school teaching qualification.

Reputation of Studying History in Rotterdam

  • Participating in an understanding system, which has repeatedly been elected enjoyable Netherlander expert system inside the self-discipline of history.
  • Studying how to do historical analysis on contemporary troubles
  • Drawing close history from multiple perspectives and reading phenomena in an international perspective.
  • Making the most of the small-scale lessons and a dedicated team of instructors
  • The opportunity to do a job, as an instance at a list, art gallery or analysis organization

Within the understand history of Community, you will be educated to reply modern questions about historical tactics of globalization, international relations, and social activities. You study how to perform ancient analysis on the concept of decided on resources and literary works. You examine current matters and background links them jointly meaningfully via wearing out social-clinical and social historical analysis. The expert system history of Community is a global system for skilled scholars, who need to mix historical analysis with ideas from the social sciences, the political concept, and social assessment.