Education Astrology – know your educational qualifications


“Ignorance is the curse of God is where we are from heaven, and the education wing.” The great Indian poet and scholar, a very famous quote given by Rabindranath Tagore. Education is not only related to the knowledge or skills, but it has become a stepping stone to success in life and career promotion. Today, parents are worried about their children’s education is not interested or are being studied as well. They have a desire to put pressure on them, but they are not getting the results are completely unaware of their children’s educational qualifications.
It may be able to deal with all issues related to education and teaching astrology parents help their children acquire more knowledge with your children a good education and the rest of the jurisdiction where they have to understand the learning abilities so that you know.
How to find us Education Astrology way we can help is to educate the familiar academic qualifications and has a good attitude.
Education at a meeting dedicated to the horoscope represents the fourth house and completely normal education. The juice stream and education is very important to determine the second and fifth house of the horoscope original. Lords and Lord and recognizes the essential role of the other fifth house and their occupants, to investigate Jupiter and Mercury by the House and the education attainments.
You can see what kind of education is associated with the innate nature of the house are expected to study the planet home. Home can house occupied by the teaching of the Lord, it is good that the mercury is strongly associated with the planet, it could be an excellent learner and fame to be a great scholar. After damaging the house, damaging the house or house of God are associated with weak roots can practice, you can get more education.
Horoscope has been studied to identify the original second home education level, he or she can get. The second house also indicates the growth and expansion of education. V represents the indigenous wisdom and Mercury fifth sense, it indicates that the original is very secret and the strength of the noble metal.
In addition, the original fifth and learning opportunities and academic achievements are taken to examine the ninth house. Bhukti Lords of the sill and the quality of education. Ninth House of Lords and identifies opportunities for further study options. Second, know the third, ninth and tenth house of those who should be chosen to achieve success in the study of the subject.
In addition to homes, reveals the different planets from the original teaching of various subjects and educational qualification. Venus home so natives can become a better musician. Mercury in the fifth house or life of the country’s fifth-house Sun earn name and fame can astrology living. Sun Residence can be learned math aspected by Saturn and Mercury in the second house. Mars Power engineering, chemistry and show the success achieved in the field of surgery.
Sun, Mars is associated with Mercury and Jupiter in the fourth house, the second house of the Lord logic and philosophy, the ability to create a strong increase in the choir. Mercury Horoscope original statistics, mathematics, commerce, education is a strong and well-linguistics. Horoscope original Venus a strong position in the fine arts and architecture expert. A master of philosophy, religion, education, medicine, law, education and skill shows in the country.